Welcome to our business. Mark Andrew Smith Group is tiny multi-national technology business based in Ireland with a branch also in the UK.  This website is dedicated to our charity work.

We are a one stop shop for data, building software, and hosting websites, remote desktop systems, email systems and e-commerce applications at affordable prices that all small businesses can afford.  For more information on this, please visit our main website at https://www.MarkAndrewSmith.com/ but read on for all the charitable work we do in the community.

Corporate Social Responsibility

This website is dedicated to the charitable work we do in the community as part of our wider CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), including our impact to our environment and how diverse we are.

We help a number of charities and social clubs by either heavily discounting our services, making them free, or by making one off charitable donations.  Please chose from the menu above how you think we may be able to help your charity or social club in your community.

Supported Charities and Clubs

Here is a list of charities and social clubs that we have assisted since 1998 with either a one off money donation or equipment or with our heavily discounted services or free services on an on going basis…

Additionally, all recipient organisations will be followed on social media, and where we can, we will help to promote them by liking and sharing.